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A dressing table is not just a beautiful surface with a mirror where you can keep your beauty products, your perfumes and your makeup. It is also a safe place created just for you; your own personal space where you can keep your most precious possessions out of reach from the rest of the family. A table that is not just a table, but a corner in your home where it’s always “me time”.

At Hunter Furnishing we understand how important it is for you to have your own little haven at home, especially if you share it with someone else. Whether you have it in your bedroom or in the dressing room, you will love the glamorous starlet feeling of sitting in front of your dressing table mirror to pamper yourself. But even if you are not one to spoil yourself very often, a dressing table will become a valuable addition to the bedroom; they will serve you for more than just looking at yourself in the mirror.

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