The Loft Collection

If you want a rustic and charming home, there’s really no better option than Loft furniture. It captures that weathered style that brings immediate personality into every room.

Loft furniture is designed and made in the UK and despite a lot of their products looking rustic and well-loved, they bring some neo-retro charm that manages to make things feel fresh and modern.

Here at Hunter Furnishing, we believe that everyone is different, and their homes reflect that. So we offer vibrant and unique Loft furniture so that you can tie together that desired home aesthetic with some of that rustic charm.

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Keeping Things Simple

Sometimes that super-sleek, super-angled modern cabinet just isn’t for you. If you like to keep it simple, then Loft offers you that tattered furniture that tells a story. It looks like something you may find in a seaside surf-shack or an independent coffee shop.

Yes, it doesn’t look pristine, but that’s what makes it special, and it’ll no doubt act as a conversation starter as well as a brilliant quirky centrepiece for your home.

A Complete Range

Loft covers all the necessities when it comes to home furnishing, from coffee tables to storage, seating, and much more. Just have a look at some of the highlights and see if anything takes your fancy:

Loft Retro Storage Unit - Loft’s retro storage unit is as practical as it is eye-catching. Why not prop a TV on top of it and make it a fun home feature? With multiple drawers and shelves, this solid piece of furniture is highly reliable which is a great juxtaposition to its storied design.

Loft Tall Cabinet - Again, with a pre-loved look, but made with modern means, this is a great way to really capture that rustic home look without any compromise on the quality of your furniture.

Loft Retro Coffee Table - To top off the retro range, this stunning coffee table looks like something you’d find in a seaside Californian home. It’s super practical due to its large size and would be fantastic for game nights.

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Footstool - Again, offering that personality that you can only get out of some weathering, these footstools will slot right into any traditionally styled home.

Save On Loft Furniture

When you buy with Hunter Furnishing you get quality Loft furniture for less, and we’re so confident of that, our products come with a price match guarantee.

If you’re a fan of a bargain, you might be able to get some more of it from our special offers. Or if you’re lucky, you may find that perfect piece of Loft furniture in our clearance section at a heavily reduced rate.

Excellent Delivery Service

Our above and beyond customer service doesn’t end when you order, we also offer an excellent delivery service. We will deliver your furniture at a time that suits you and if you would like our team can then assemble your furniture in a room of your choosing.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our Loft products, or services, or anything else furniture related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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Loft Tortona Dining Table
Loft Tortona Dining Table
Pricing ranges due to the many variations which can be made to this table.  Wooden Legs - pricing ranges from £995 - £1969  Metal Legs - pricing ranges from £1055 - £2489
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Console Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Console Table 9135-18BD
£359.00 £269.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Lamp Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Lamp Table 9135-03BD
£169.00 £129.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Media Unit
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Media Unit 9135-25BD
£359.00 £269.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Shaped Coffee Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Shaped Coffee Table 9135-02BD
£265.00 £199.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Sideboard
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Sideboard 9135-10BD
£849.00 £675.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Wide Sideboard
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Wide Sideboard 9135-15BD
£1,139.00 £875.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Footstool - Dark Grey Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Footstool - Dark Grey Fabric 9135-09FDB
£265.00 £199.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Footstool - Old West Vintage Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Footstool -Old West Vintage Fabric 9135-09OFDB
£265.00 £199.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Dark Grey Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Dark Grey Fabric 9135-09BD
£625.00 £499.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Old West Vintage Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Old West Vintage Fabric 9135-09OBD
£625.00 £499.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Coffee Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Coffee Table 9135-06BD
£279.00 £209.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Nest of Tables
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Nest of Tables 9135-07BD
£236.00 £179.00
Loft Retro Trunk / Coffee Table
This retro industrial trunk table is made from recycled boatwood with the original paint of the boats still showing. This trunk is very spacious inside providing great storage space. Each piece is unique and colour will differ. The top is made from rounded steel, slightly brushed for a more industrial effect. Sturdy clasps to close.
£699.00 £559.00

Loft Dara ClockLoft Dara Clock
Loft Dara Clock
The Dara clock is a classic design with a vintage look. The perfect statement piece for your kitchen or living room. With a dark brown edge and off white face this clock looks aged and will add a focal point to your living space.