ROM Bellona

Rom ROM Bellona

Product Description

  • Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm. Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request.
  • Adjustable headrest, noiseless slide fitting.
  • 2 seat depths : S or L (3cm difference).
  • 2 armrests available : C = Compact or B = Basic.
  • Zero-wall relax option (electric) - wall hugger, no clearance needed. Also available for the Longchair: +/- 20cm.
  • Vario (electric) : +/- 25 cm. Vario: not available for T (Terminal) et L (Longchair). Adjacent seats with Vario option can operate either individually (option charged for each seat) or grouped (option charged only once per seat group). Max. 2 seats grouped.
  • Warm up (heating for seat and lumbar area).
  • Zen (electrically adjustable headrest). Zen: electrically adjustable headrests for the corner element automatically for both headrests and charged twice
  • Battery (one battery pack for all electric options). Choice of the location of charging connector. Battery: not available for Warm up function (seat heating) and Aladin (parametrisation/memorization). The selected element for the location of the charging connector for battery must include at least one electrical option
  • Home Cinema with storage space and USB port. Shelf of the storage space available in 3 colours: white, silver and black.
  • Audiofi x (universal speaker bracket and trunking system for the home cinema). Audiofi x: in colours white, silver or black, identical to the shelf of the storage space Home Cinema.
  • Aladin (enables the memorization and retrieval of the favourite position). Aladin: when ordering a sofa / chair or a corner group with at least 3 electrical function, the Aladin Option is available free of charge
  • A USB charging cable is included with each seat that is ordered with an electrical option (between seat and back).
  • Operation of the electrical function by EasyMove buttons, elegant metal switches. Possibility to memorize the favourite position (one per seat).
  • UK : Choice of 2 foams: Fifty5 or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Fifty5).
  • International : Choice of 3 foams: Bultex (37kg/m³), Biotex (55kg/m³) or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Biotex foam 55kg/m³).
  • Model available in two tone colour, it is not possible to combine leather and fabric.
  • Leather version with quilted frame.
  • For the leather version, the seats are laminated with a special fl eece in order to limit elasticity of the leather and reduce fold formation.
  • choice of different legs in wood or metal.

Customer Reviews

7th May 2019
Mr MacGillivory said...
Star Rating 5
7th May 2019
Mr MacGillivory said...
"Two leather sofas, very comfortable"
Star Rating 5

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