Meubelfabriek Theuns NV

Meubelfabriek Theuns NV

Whether in a small group or for a large family reunion, with Meubelfabriek Theuns, you'll find dining tables and living room furniture that completely cover your needs. 

Are you looking for a small table for a cosy dining area? Or would you like to dine elegantly at a solid wood table? Meubelfabriek Theuns has the right table for every style. This incredible Belgian designer doesn't just make dining room tables and chairs but also crafts high-end living room furniture.

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Imagine a Sunday afternoon, and the smell of freshly baked cakes wafts through the apartment. The family gathers around the dinner table as the front doorbell rings, and the neighbours arrive for coffee with their children. Since you’ve chosen one of the best extending dining tables, you can quickly make it longer and sit together comfortably. Don't be surprised if your dining furniture gets compliments and may often be a positive talking point in the room.

The dining table is the centre of life in most homes. No other piece of furniture is used in so many different ways. People eat, do handicrafts, play, read and learn from them. Hunter Furnishing is proud to showcase our stunning dining room sets from Meubelfabriek Theuns. You'll find a dining table that suits your home.

Exemplary Craftsmanship

Consider the Meubelfabriek Theuns NV Dining Table, a gorgeous extendable table made from the finest wood and able to accommodate eight people comfortably. When you buy a designer dining table of such high quality, you can expect it to last as the centrepiece for your dining room for a long time to come.

You might want to complement the room with a Meubelfabrik Theuns NV Coffee Table, stunningly contemporary yet able to suit almost any existing decor. A sturdy and stunning sideboard is also a must, and you'll find Meubelfabriek Theuns is the perfect designer furniture brand to give you a sideboard that's both practical and passionately crafted.

Take a look at all of the furniture this renowned Belgian artisan produces and get the perfect dining room and living room furniture for you.

Passionate About Price & Policy

We have a Clearance Section where you'll be able to grab a bargain and get some amazing designer furniture for less than you normally would. Have a look, and the ideal piece to complement your home might just be sitting there and at a reduced price. 

We'd also like to highlight our Price Match Policy which says we'll try to match the price of any item we stock that you find cheaper elsewhere in the UK.

Delighted To Help

There's a lot to think about when you're considering getting some new furniture, especially if you buy high-end dining room accessories that you want to be a fashionable expression and manifest the right aesthetic. That's why we are always willing to talk through your options on dining room furniture you can buy online and try to find for you the ideal table and chairs or wooden sideboard that make the statement you want to see. 

So give us a buzz or email us and tell us your requirements so we can suggest some products that will suit your home perfectly.

Don't forget we have a Skilled Delivery Service, meaning we'll very carefully get the furniture to anywhere on the UK Mainland and install it in the room of your choice. 

Alternatively, we'll take the packaging away and let you put it wherever you like. International delivery is also an option where possible.