Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks

When it comes to getting new furniture for your home, no room is more crucial than the bedroom. Having a bedroom you love will allow you to rest in a relaxed environment and provide you with a better quality of sleep.

The bed frame and mattress you decide to use is obviously very critical for a good night’s sleep too. That’s why at Hunter Furnishing, we are a Harrison Spinks Stockist.

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Harrison Spinks Mattresses 

Harrison Spinks is known for its comfortable, luxury mattresses that will make you wonder why you considered any other brand. And with features such as their Velocity range being made from 100% recyclable Cortec Quad springs, you’ll know that you’ll get the support you need.

At Hunter Furnishing, we are proud to offer a selection of their mattresses, such as:

The Velocity 5750 Dual-Sided Mattress – this model of Velocity mattress from Harrison Spinks is designed with longevity in mind. This mattress provides a firm, supportive feel and has been handcrafted by artisan bedmakers in Yorkshire, using 2 rows of side stitching. Never compromise on quality!

The Velocity 7250 Turn Free Mattress – the turn free 7250 Harrison Spinks Velocity mattress is designed for people that enjoy a softer feel and need gentle support from their bed. This is ideal for people that twist and turn a lot during their sleep, with its design focused around giving those kinds of people one of the best rests they can get.

Velocity 750 King Size Mattress – Or for those in need of something a bit bigger for you, your partner, and even the dog, the King Size Velocity mattress comes with the benefits of other mattresses in that Velocity range just King size.

We Are Proud To Provide Offers

We also have an abundance of great deals for our customers to take advantage of, such as our price match policy

Never overpay for furniture again! Find a comparable model of Harrison Spinks furniture at another retailer? Then we’ll do our best to match their rate and pass any savings to be had onto you. When you buy with us, you can buy with confidence. 

And for the bargain hunters out there, you may want to check out our clearance section for high-quality furniture at heavily reduced rates.

A Delivery Service Tailored Around You 

Our flexible, punctual delivery service will get your furniture to you on your time. And better yet, we tailor our delivery around you.  

We will deliver to your doorstep on a date of your choosing and, if you require, can construct your furniture in a room of your choosing. For mattresses, we can take your old ones away for a small disposal fee.

We want to make your transition to a new mattress or new furniture as smooth as can be.

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Still, have some questions about our products or services?

Our exemplary customer service team will happily answer any questions that you may have. Be sure to get in touch with us now. 

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Harrison Spinks Velocity 750 King Size Mattress.
Harrison Spinks Velocity 750 King Size Mattress.
£749.00 £399.00