Fama Furniture

Fama Furniture

A sleek and modern home with a minimalist layout isn’t complete without furniture that compliments your aesthetic. You want furnishing that doesn’t overpopulate or clutter your living space.

With the chairs and sofas from Fama, stocked here at Hunter Furnishing, you can put together a modern minimalist utopia that has the right amount of personality matched with incredible comfort.

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Simple And Elegant

Fama, which hails from Spain, offers attractive and modern furniture - but the key is always comfort. They think about the everyday use that most overlook; sofas are used for laying as much as they’re used for sitting.

Through this pragmatic design process, the furniture that you get from Fama has functionality as the priority, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t look great while offering a simple and fantastically understated design.

Fama Furniture For You

If you want to inject some modern personality into your home, there’s no better option out there than Fama; offering not only simple elegance but the comfort that keeps the user in mind too! Here are some top models to consider:

Fama Bari Sofa - A fantastic and simple sofa that has been made to accommodate your Sunday naps as well as your evening’s TV viewing with the family. The simple look can complement any modern aesthetic, offering you the option to change the room around the sofa.

Fama Kangou Rocker and Stool - you can have a rocker without that traditional charm. The Kangou rocker and stool offers a modern twist on a timeless home fixture with a clean and simple design.

Fama Moonrise Swivel Rocker Recliner - Swivel, recline, both! It’s up to you with this versatile option that looks great as a corner piece that also offers a great fabric aesthetic.

The Best Deals At Hunter Furnishing

As well as high-quality furniture and a second-to-none customer experience, Hunter Furnishing has great deals on a huge range of furniture, including selected Fama sofas and chairs.

We have special offers on and sales all year round, and if you’re lucky you may even find your preferred Fama furniture in our clearance section at a fraction of its price brand new.

We also offer a price match promise so that you know you’re getting a great deal with Hunter Furnishing.

Convenient Delivery

Delivery doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you order with us we can set a time that works for you. With Hunter, delivery is at your convenience, not ours.

That’s not all! Once the delivery arrives at your home, we can assemble your chosen Fama furniture in the room of your preference. When we go you can get straight to napping in your new Fama piece!

Get In Touch

Complete that home aesthetic with some simple Spanish elegance that Fama offers, mixed with practicality and comfort that’s ideal for everyday life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team if you would like any further information.

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Fama Kangou  Rocker and StoolFama Kangou  Rocker and Stool
Fama Kangou Rocker and Stool
Fama Kangou Rocker and Stool in Fabric with brake mechanism.
£1,552.00 £1,159.00
Fama Valentina Chaise SofaFama Valentina Chaise Sofa
Fama Valentina Chaise Sofa
Fama Valentina Chaise Sofa
£3,115.00 £2,335.00

Fama Moonrise Swivel Rocker ReclinerFama Moonrise Swivel Rocker Recliner
Fama Moonrise Swivel Rocker Recliner
Fama Moonrise Swivel Rocker with Electric Recliner
£1,924.00 £1,439.00
Fama Bari SofaFama Bari Sofa
Fama Bari Sofa
Fama Bari 3 Seater Sofa in Fabric

Fama Lenny footstool
Fama Lenny footstool
Fama round footstool with chromed legs and leather cover.
£605.00 £449.00
Fama Kim Swivel Electric ReclinerFama Kim Swivel Electric Recliner
Fama Kim Swivel Electric Recliner
Fama Kim Swivel Electric Recliner
£1,893.00 £1,419.00

Fama Lenny Swivel ArmchairFama Lenny Swivel Armchair
Fama Lenny Swivel Armchair
Fama Lenny Swivel Armchair
£1,534.00 £1,149.00