Cabinets and Display Units

Be it some additional storage space that looks stylish in and around your home, or be it for displaying your most prized possessions for all to see, cabinets and display units are a part of every home – and sometimes get overlooked for too long.

Here at Hunter Furnishings, we have endeavoured to provide a varied collection of different cabinets and display units to suit every taste, utility, function, style, design, and aesthetic you could imagine!

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Extra Storage Your Way

From simple but elegant bookcases to more elaborate display cases to showcase your favourite possessions – you’ll find something that suits your wants and needs with Hunter Furnishings. 

With all of our stock being produced from high-quality materials from the top brands in the industry, you are guaranteed exceptional furniture from us.

Take a look at some of our stock:

Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit – When it comes to shelving units, this elegantly styled, pale oak Teramo unit is a wonderful choice. Be it for storing your favourite books, or for adding a little personal flair into a room, this unit's subtle design fits well for most room aesthetics.

Skovby #914 Display Cabinet – Or for something sleeker for the contemporary home, we can always rely on Skovby. Their #914 display cabinet is perfect for showcasing a trophy or two while giving you some extra storage space along with it. It even comes with LED lighting and can come in various wood sorts and finishes too.

Venjakob Andiamo Low board 7008 – An ideal piece for a TV stand, or for anywhere you need a low-level cabinet, the Venjakob Andiamo 7008 low board is ideal for many different situations. Robust, chiselled, and crafted with a unique blend of low tone colours – it can blend in just about anywhere in the home.

A Customer Service Like No Other

At Hunter Furnishings, we place a great deal of emphasis on the value we can bring to our customers. We are not just a furnishing company, we will take the time to know you, your aesthetic, and your needs, in order to provide you with a sterling customer service experience.

We have a special offers section and a clearance section; keeping our stock rotation fresh and prices affordable.

We also provide a price match promise to make sure that you get the best price on the market. 

An Efficient Delivery Service

But what good are all these offers and excellent choices of furniture without an efficient, punctual delivery service to complement it all? 

No matter where you live in the mainland of the UK, or Ireland, we can deliver to your door with our end-to-end service.

We even offer to build your furniture in your home and take away any boxes you don’t need. Get your furniture without any hassle at all.

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Ercol Bosco Display Cabinet
This contemporary oak cabinet offers two separate storage sections. The large upper glass cabinet consists of two adjustable storage shelves, offering plentiful space for your glassware. At the base of the cabinet there is another ample sized cupboard divided vertically into two with each side having an adjustable storage shelf. Recessed handles, which are both wonderfully tactile and simply elegant,...
£1,950.00 £1,559.00
Ercol Bosco Low Bookcase
This product is available in a clear matt wood finish.
£700.00 £559.00

Ercol Bosco Wide TV Unit
This unit is available in a clear matt finish.
£1,060.00 £839.00
Ercol Mia Desk.
Ercol Mia Desk.
£780.00 £619.00

Ercol Mia Shelving Unit.
Ercol Mia Shelving Unit.
£1,150.00 £919.00
Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit
In beautiful pale oak, the elegantly designed, contemporary teramo shelving unit is ideal for displaying books and treasured possessions. The ercol design ethos shows in every carefully considered detail, from the overhanging top and elegant turned legs to the distinctive, spindled sides.
£1,070.00 £849.00

Skovby #85 Hutch
The hutch #85 is designed to fit the #84 sideboard. Also, it is possible to place two hutches on top of the #88 sideboard – a very flexible solution. The hutch is in a modern design with strict lines. It has two glass doors, two glass shelves and two halogen lights.
£1,559.00 from £1,325.00
Skovby #914 Display Cabinet
Skovby #914 display cabinet with refined detailsThe Skovby #914 display cabinet has refined details which makes this line a special addition to the Skovby storage furniture range. Skovby #914 display cabinet has three wooden shelves behind two doors, one open compartment, one drawer and LED light. The use of aluminium lists on the side edges and special designed aluminium handles provide this line...
£1,339.00 £1,139.00

Skovby #923 Display Cabinet
Skovby #923 display cabinet - with refined detailsSkovby #923 display cabinet has refined details and this line is a special addition to the Skovby range. The Skovby #923 display cabinet is a part of a Skovby storage furniture line. The use of aluminium lists on the side edges and special designed aluminium handles provide this line with a unique touch. The cabinets have a geometrical appearance. Skovby...
£1,729.00 from £1,469.00
Venjakob Andiamo Lowboard 7003/4 L/H or R/H
Venjakob Andiamo Lowboard 7003/4 L/H or R/H
Stylish low level cabinet ideal for TV or sound systems with one full pull out drawer. Choose from various finishes, opening options and lighting if this suits. W 120cm x H 37cm x D 53cm.

Venjakob Andiamo Lowboard 7008
Venjakob Andiamo Lowboard 7008
Low level cabinet with 1 full pull out drawer (divided) and 1 open space (divider recessed), W 120cm x H 37cm x D 53cm.
Venjakob Andiamo Sideboard 7091/7094 LH/RH
Venjakob Andiamo Sideboard 7091/7094 LH/RH
Andiamo sideboard including 3 full pull out drawers (divided), 1 drop flap next to pen space and 2 open spaces. Choose your finishes and open space option. W 180cm x H 88cm x D 43cm.