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Hypnos Alpaca Pillow
There’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep. And containing only 100% natural fibre means that Hypnos’ alpaca bedding collection can help you enjoy a much more restful level of sleep by helping to regulate temperature, drawing moisture away from your body and deterring allergens. Alpaca fibres are almost indestructible, providing a strong and...
£108.00 from £81.00
Hypnos Latex Pillow
Latex pillows naturally derived and moulded with air pockets for breathability, being both supportive and pressure relieving. Latex is breathable, antimicrobial and antibacterials, offering exceptional moisture-absorbing and thermal qualities reducing heat build-up. High Profile This Talalay latex pillow instantly cradles your head and neck providing superior comfort, support and pressure...
£96.00 £69.00

Hypnos Pocket Sprung Pillow
The Hypnos Pocket Spring reactive Pillow is unlike conventional pillows that need to be ‘fluffed’ up to regain their original feeling and comfort. The Pocket Spring Reactive Pillow instantly springs back into shape, providing the utmost support and comfort for your head and neck. The Pocket Spring Reactive Pillow is ideal for people who sleep on their back and sides.
£78.00 £59.00
Hypnos Wool Pillow
The Hypnos Wool pillow helps regulate temperature and sleeping comfort. Made from 100% British Wool, this is the only proven natural anti allergy bedding solution. Natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The wool pillow is truly adjustable. Inside the pillow you’ll find a filling of natural wool clusters, which are referred to as ‘wool balls’. If you...
£96.00 from £69.00