Dressing Tables & Stools

A dressing table is not just a beautiful surface with a mirror where you can keep your beauty products, your perfumes and your makeup. It is also a safe place created just for you; your own personal space where you can keep your most precious possessions out of reach from the rest of the family. A table that is not just a table, but a corner in your home where it’s always “me time”.

At Hunter Furnishing we understand how important it is for you to have your own little haven at home, especially if you share it with someone else. Whether you have it in your bedroom or in the dressing room, you will love the glamorous starlet feeling of sitting in front of your dressing table mirror to pamper yourself. But even if you are not one to spoil yourself very often, a dressing table will become a valuable addition to the bedroom; they will serve you for more than just looking at yourself in the mirror.

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Beautiful dressing tables & stools from designer brands at unbeatable prices

Having a beautiful and intimate bedroom where you can snuggle up in the rainy days and where you will wake up full of energy during sunny times needn’t be expensive. At Hunter Furnishing we see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to have your dream bedroom at an affordable price. We always have a great range of beautiful, high quality dressing tables and stools on offer. 

The perfect dressing table & stools for you at Hunter Furnishing

One of the most important rooms in your home is undoubtedly the bedroom. The average person spends ? of their life sleeping, so it makes sense that the room where your dream and rest is built to your comfort and desires. You are unique, and your bedroom should represent just that. 

However, there are many other things that every bedroom needs to be. They need to be warm, they need to be cosy, they need to be comfortable and they need to be functional. When it comes to dressing tables, you need them to match your bedroom needs and style, beside offering support and storage space. At Hunter Furnishing we may just have the perfect dressing table and stool for your bedroom or dressing room:

Paris Dressing Table & Mirror

No bedroom is complete without a dressing table with a mirror. Paris Dressing Table & Mirror’s vintage style will suit traditional and contemporary bedrooms. With three drawers, it’s perfect for looking for a little bit of extra storage for their favourite belongings.   

Paris Dressing Table Stool

A dressing table needs a stool (how else would you look at yourself in the mirror?).  You won’t have to look any further to find a seat for Paris Dressing Table and Mirror: it comes paired with a comfortable stool.

Elegant bedside tables that match your bedroom

When designing your dream bedroom you will need more than just a bed and dressing table with a mirror. You may be considering adding a bedside table to keep your alarm clock or your phone at reach in the mornings, and a glass of water or a good book at night. The perfect bedside table for you might be at HUnter Furnishing, so why not start your search by checking out our bedside tables and chests range

Need help with your purchase? Get in touch! 

At Hunter Furnishing we pride ourselves on our great customer service. Whether you are looking for a specific item or would like to ask the experts anything, get in touch with us and we will get back to you with answers. 

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Ercol Teramo Dressing Table
This dressing table and mirror is a statement addition to the Teramo bedroom range. Following the signature tapered turned legs and curved detailing, creating a shaker look synonymous with the collection. A stunning oak framed circular mirror creates design appeal whilst the two vanity drawers offer plenty of space to store beauty and jewellery treasures, cosmetics and toiletries. The double chamfered...
£860.00 £679.00
Ercol Teramo Dressing Table Stool
The Teramo dressing table stool is made from solid oak with ercols signature tapered turned legs. This subtle design sits perfectly with the statement dressing table and mirror in the same range. The dressing table stool is finished in clear matt lacquer, providing protection whilst at the same time showing the beauty of the timber.
£195.00 £149.00

Paris Dressing Table & Mirror
Paris Dressing Table & Mirror
£745.00 £495.00
Paris Dressing Table Stool
Paris Dressing Table Stool
£235.00 £159.00